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Sanger Middle School

2019-2020 Dress and Grooming Code

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Unwrapping game with mittens
Unwrapping game with mittens
Elf tricks
Ugly sweater picture
Ugly sweaters
Elves and gifts
playing games at pep rally

We Are ALL Winners

playing games at the pep rally

Game On

student acting as though they are crying after losing

Not Happy About Losing

playing games at the pep rally

Fun Times at SMS

student enjoying the pep rally

We Love Our Team!

our teachers cheering on the cheerleaders

Our Staff Cheering on the Cheerleaders

SMS Teachers at Patriot's Day Pep Rally

Patriotic and Supporting our Team!

Our football players

Our SMS Football Players!

our cheerleaders doing a routine

Our SMS Cheerleaders Getting Us Fired Up!

National Anthem Sanger Middle School Pep Rally

Patriot's Day at SMS Pep Rally

Sanger Middle School cheerleaders cheering the game

Sanger Middle School Cheerleaders Cheering on the Team

Sanger Middle School cheerleaders
Sanger Middle School cheerleaders

Sanger Middle School 2018-19 Cheerleaders

Mrs. Stephens and her grand daughter
Mrs. Harris working with Booker

News & Announcements

email security

Website Email Authentication

Due to the number of spammers and security risks across the nation, we have re-enabled authentication requirements for email from our website.
Federal Report Card Posted

2017-18 Federal Report Card has been posted

Sanger ISD has received their District and Campus Federal Report Cards for Texas Public Schools from TEA. You can access all of them by clicking this headline. You can also access all individual Campus Report Cards on each school webpage by clicking on Our School and going to Accountability/Performance Reports.

Safety Procedures

Sanger ISD’s highest priority is the safety of our students and staff. To find out more information on safety procedures that the district currently has put in place, visit the Sanger ISD Student Services webpage and click on Safety and Security. Current information is provided regarding threats, visitor management, weather, and safety drills. Please visit this site from time to time to view any updates.



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