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Sanger Middle School

Mr. Matt Good » Welcome!


Daily Schedule
Period 1 (SHS) - Spanish 1
Period 2 (SHS) - Spanish 1
Period 3 (SHS) - Spanish 3 Honors/AP Spanish
Period 4 (SHS) - Spanish 1
Period 5 (LTHS) - Spanish 
Period 6 (SMS) - Spanish 1
Period 7 (SMS) - Spanish 1
Period 8 (SMS) - Spanish 1
About the Classes
Welcome to Spanish!!! My name is Matt Good and I am proud and excited to be a part of the Sanger Family. 
Spanish 1 will be an exciting introduction to the Spanish-speaking world through learning about language, music, food, and culture. Students can expect to be challenged by learning new vocabulary and language skills and developing conversational capacity. 
Spanish 3 expands upon previously learned skills and begins to proceed into advanced-level Spanish language abilities. Students can expect to be frequently challenged with language concepts and focused development of reading, speaking, and writing skills. 
AP Spanish Language refines and expands upon students' ability to express themselves in Spanish by exploring real-world issues and connecting with their own personal beliefs and values.