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Sanger Middle School

Distance Learning Lessons

Hedgehog 10 Day Review PowerPoint (USE THIS FOR THE STAAR TYPE QUESTIONS)
Week 1- Atoms & the Periodic Table

Go and Build an Atom. Write a paragraph (3-5 complete sentences) telling me what you think. What did you build? Was it fun? Boring? Did you remember any of the information?




Take this simple Quia Quiz called the Numbers Game. Write a paragraph (3-5 complete sentences) telling me how you did. Did you pass? Have you completely forgotten everything? Let me know!

Week 2: Chemical Reactions & Equations

For the Chemical Equations Quizziz:

Follow this Link--> (Links to an external site.)

Click on the Solo Practice Button and then push Play

There are 17 Questions, List the 3 questions you either got wrong, had to think about, 2nd guessed yourself on, etc. There will BE AT LEAST 3.

For each of the 3 questions:

a) Write the Question

b) Write the CORRECT answer

c) Where you went wrong (what you chose if wrong, what you almost chose etc.)



For the Interactive Periodic Table:

Follow this Link ---> (Links to an external site.)

Play with the Table, THEN

Choose 5 Element Groups on the LEFT, 

For each Group:

a) List the Name of the Group

b) The Elements of the group

c) The Group number(s)

Week 3: Chemical Reactions & Equations Part 2
Week 4- Force & Motion
Week 5- Force & Motion Part 2
Week 6- Sun, Moon & Earth Systems
Week 7- Components of the Universe
Week 8- Forces that Change the Earth
Week 9- Interdependence Among Living Systems
Week 10- Interdependence Among Living Systems Part 2