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Sanger Middle School

Daily Schedule

Welcome to Choir!
Conference: 2:17pm - 2:53pm
Period Course Time
1st Period Conference (SMS) 8:15am - 9:03am
2nd Period 7th/8th Gold Choir (SMS) 9:07am - 9:55am
3rd Period 7th/8th Purple Choir (SMS) 9:59am - 10:47am
TRAVEL Travel to SGC 10:47am - 11:00am
4th Period 6th Grade Boys Choir (SGC) 11:00am - 11:56am
5th Period 6th Grade Girls Choir (SGC) 11:59am - 12:50pm
TRAVEL Travel to SMS/Lunch 12:50pm - 1:25pm
6th Period Music Appreciation (SMS) 1:25pm - 2:13pm
7th Period
Tribe Time (SMS) 2:17pm - 2:53pm
8th Period
Music Appreciation (SMS) 2:57pm - 3:45pm