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Sanger Middle School


Welcome to 8th Grade ELA!
I am so excited to be a part of Sanger Middle School. In my classroom, I offer flexible seating to create a collaborative environment that is perfect for a language arts class. We will dive in to reading more than ever! Why do we read? Expand vocabulary, become better readers, learn something new, or to escape reality. Whatever the level or genre, together we will read our way through 8th grade!

Welcome back from spring break everyone!  I sure do miss all of you and I hope everyone is doing well.  This online learning sure isn't what anyone expected but we are going to make the best of it. 

Here is what you can expect: Every Monday I will post your assignments in MODULES on Canvas (should not take you longer than 45 minutes or so to complete). You can finish at your own pace, but it will be due by the end of the week on Friday.  If at any point you have any questions or have any problems please feel free to reach out to me through Canvas Messenger, email, or call or text 817-677-8227. This is a student phone number, everything is monitored and recorded.