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Sanger Middle School

Welcome to ELA Inclusion

     I am a certified Special Education Teacher who is the SpEd department head as well as an ELA inclusion teacher with the 8th graders at Sanger Middle School. This allows for the classes that I work in to have two knowledgable teachers to co-teach, provide different teaching styles, instruct small groups within the classroom or in another room, etc.  
Here is my current schedule:
         1st period - Mrs. Donaldson (8th)
        2nd period - Mrs. Donaldson (8th)
         3rd period - Mrs. Yowell (8th)
         4th period - Mrs. Yowell (8th)
         5th period - CONFERENCE [11:43p - 12:47p]
         6th period - PLC
         7th period - Tribe Time
         8th period - Resource 7th ELA